Hot Oil Treatment: Why? How!

Maintaining healthy beautiful hair is all in the hair care. Treating your gorgeous locks to a chemical free organic treatment in five simple steps will keep your locks healthy and glowing. Its easy, cheap and most importantly, fun!


1. Choosing The Right Oil

Coconut Oil: Nourishing for all hair types. If you have a bit of flaking or dandruff, coconut oil hair treatment will fix that right up!

Almond Oil: It helps condition, nourish, and soften hair while stimulating hair growth!


2. Wash Hair

To ensure your hair is clean and ready for the treatment wash it with organic shampoo.

 Heat a towel on your radiator


3. Create The Mixture 

Bring to the boil 250ml of water in a saucepan (around 1 cup) 

In a small bowl add 30ml (2 tablespoons) of Coconut or Almond oil and place the bowl in the saucepan 

Leave the oil for 2-3 minutes 


4. Wet, Massage, And Dry

Wet hair to ensure its damp but not dripping wet! 

Using your fingertips, massage the mixture from roots to tips. Take your time and gently cover strand

 Wrap your warm towel around your hair (to the back), leaving the hair follicles to soak up the mixture for 20 minutes


5. Wash Hair And Enjoy Hair Radiance

Wash and rinse hair thoroughly, make sure there's no oil residue remaining, finish with an artic (cold) rinse. 

Bask in smooth, healthy, shiny hair

Repeat every 4 weeks to revive hair