Superior Hair Vs. Premium Hair

What is the difference between our superior and premium hair?

Our Superior hair is of a higher quality as it is available in lighter virgin colours and therefore uses less colour processing, the lighter bunches of virgin hair will be used to lift to lighter shades such as colours 8 to blonde. Sometimes, depending on the hair type, the colours we can provide are limited but the hair comes from the very best hair collectors and suppliers over the world and are usually in their rawest forms, untreated (unless gently coloured) and un-styled. These hair collectors set their prices high simply because they know they have the highest grade of virgin and coloured human hair extensions in the world. Some virgin hair in our superior range can also come in natural/multi tonal virgin shades. Expect a natural medium shine lustre with our Superior hair but also expect absolutely natural looking human hair which blends perfectly with your own natural dark virgin shades. 

Superior Brazilian                        Superior Indian                             Superior European                     

 is very versatile and offers endless, hair type, extension type, colour, styles and length options as well as highlights, ombre and dip-dye techniques at an affordable price. Due to the colour process required to achieve some of the lighter and technical colours, coloured premium hair will have less longevity than Superior, however, virgin and dark premium coloured hair extensions will last as long as 8 months + in some cases. Our Premium hair is about keeping on trend and offers new extension technologies as well as new style and colour trends. You can expect a silky shiny salon style finish with our Premium hair and the ability to change your style's with current hair fashion trends. 


Premium European Ombre      Premium Brazilian Hair-Deepwave,    Premium European Nano Tips,