Virgin Hair Extensions, Need, Want & Budget...

In an ideal world, we would all love to wear the best possible quality hair we could possibly get our hands on. Here at VHB, we should know, we work our hardest to find our customers the best hair in the world! But, like everything in life, what we want and what we need from our hair extensions includes an element of budgeting and we all have to ask ourselves “What can I afford?”

We have now introduced a new hair range: ‘Superior Virgin Remy Hair’. Which currently consists of European, Indian, Brazilian, Russian & Vietnamese Hair.

Genuine Virgin Remy Hair can cost anything up to £300 per 100g and beyond. In the early days of VHB, we spent hundreds of hours sourcing our premium range to offer a unique combination of great value, genuine Remy hair which is fantastic quality, long lasting and affordable.

In our hair specification, we always state the minimum life cycle we expect from our ranges, everyone is different but you will know when it's time to change your extensions. There is one thing to remember, when using natural hair, every pack and piece will be different from the next.

For pre-bonded tips the cycle for the longevity of your hair will be shorter as the extensions rely on the bonding material to keep them attached. However, a professional will be able to re-bond and re-use the strands if they are fully trained and experienced to do so.

Offering a higher budget range is our latest step in expanding your choice. Over the years, we have been asked to offer double drawn hair, virgin textures and other less widely available hair types. As we have developed our business we have developed fantastic partnerships with hair collectors and manufacturers around the globe. There are very few hair extension companies in the world who can say that they deal directly with hair collectors, we are very proud to say that we are one of them.

Our Superior hair range will be restricted in its colours due to the nature of supply; virgin hair is a raw natural resource; lighter hair (for sale) is relatively uncommon across all cultures and races. Dark brown and black hair naturally prevails in human hair, even in northern Europe. A full spectrum of blacks, browns and blondes will be available in standard wefts, bulk, clips and tips in various hair types from our premium organic supply chain. More rare hair types will be available in limited quantities, so don’t delay in ordering!

The Premium hair range remains our best seller. Professionally sourced and competitively priced, this range suits most budgets with a great longevity and moderate rate of wear and tear.

Recently, we surveyed our professional and salon clients and can show off a little - they were all ‘very happy’ with our Premium range hair and our prices. Most of our clients’ only wish was that we could stock more. We would like to thank our clients for their on-going support and let you all know that this year, we will not only be stocking more Premium hair, we will also now be offering our Superior hair range in conjunction. We have some in stock now and ready for immediate delivery from our online shop

It has now taken us just over a year to source and test most of the hair we are using in the new Superior hair extensions and three years to source our Superior Brazilian hair. Coming direct from Rio De Janeiro this product will be available from mid March 2013 and we are already experiencing a fantastic demand.

What’s more, we are not stopping our expansion at Superior hair, over the coming months; you will see the introduction of our 'Staple' range – an amazing value, lower priced range of quick-fix Virgin Remy Hair ready-to-wear extensions including bangs, instant weaves, fringes, braids, pony-tails and clip in hair pieces.

So, real hair extensions prices will vary depending on our suppliers rates and what you need. It’s our aim to provide every hair extension for every need and budget however, quality will never be compromised. Please keep an eye out for our promotional emails.