Virgin Hair & Beauty, Growing in Expertise, Meet our Head of Creative & Social

Dear Ladies,

Our hair is so important to us and is our crown of glory. I’d like to extend a warm welcome to both new and already existing clients of VH&B (Virgin Hair & Beauty). Allow me to introduce myself and give you a little bit of background about who I am and what I do.

I’m Emma and I’m the head of Creative & Social at VH&B. I’m an experienced hair stylist and love what I do. I’ve always been creative and combining creativity with working with people answers my calling in life. Making women look beautiful every day is such a rewarding aspect of hairdressing.

I truly believe that there’s a partnership between our feelings and our appearance. To elaborate; if you look fabulous, you feel fabulous and if you feel fabulous, you look fabulous. I’m here to help with making your hair look nothing but fabulous! (Sorry that’s a lot of the use of ‘fabulous’ but heck it’s a great word)

I provide and oversee the bespoke colouring of our hair extensions at VH&B and offer help and advice with whatever query you have about your hair colour choices. I also fashion forecast and ensure that the latest trends are available to you in keeping on point with your hair.

I’m originally from England but at the age of eleven moved with my family to the beautiful, tropical island of Singapore. The fashion in Singapore is so current and people in Singapore are savvy and artistic with their appearance. This not only pertains to their clothes but of course their hair! I’m so fortunate to have done my hairdressing education and training in Singapore. As it was not only thorough but taught both classic and advanced creative hairdressing.

Being able to personalize and tailor hair extensions to you is so special. ‘One size doesn’t fit all’ and as a team we ensure that you receive the best quality human hair, which not only suits you but looks fantastic. We never scrimp on quality and we personally use ONLY salon professional products and colours.

I love hair extensions and when applied correctly, matched and blended they look so beautiful and enhance your hair’s length, density and not forgetting colour!

Be proud ladies when you swish your mane!

Emma Xx