Wholesale European Virgin Human Hair Extensions, Nail Tips

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Virgin - Uncoloured
  • Extension Type: Pre-bonded Nail Tips
    Application Type: Hot Fusion Bonds
    Hair Type: European Virgin Remy Hair
    Hair State: Virgin & Dyed/Coloured
    Hair Grade Type: Single Drawn
    Hair Grade: Premium
    Process: Colour, if required
    Length: Various
    Style: Various
    Colour: Various
    Weight: 50g per pack, 0.1kg per strand, 50 strands per pack. Total minimum quantity must be 1kg (50g x 20 packs or 100g x 10 packs).
    Lengths, styles and colours can be mixed.

    *If you place an order for less than 1kg your order will be cancelled and funds will be refunded*

    Life Cycle: 
    6 - 12 months + For Virgin Uncoloured Hair
    6 - 8 months + For Dark and Medium Brown Hair
    4 - 6 months + For Light Brown Hair
    2 - 3 months + For Blonde Hair
    Our Virgin Remy hair will last many months if well cared for. The above timings are given as a guide based on tests, affects of colouring and feedback collated from our clients. You can re-apply the extensions within these given times. Please read our Hair Care page to care for your extensions in the best possible way.

    Delivery: Custom order, dispatched within approx. 2-3 weeks.

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