Double Drawn Balayage Ombre Hair Extensions, All Hair Types

Click on the colour to select, then use the sliders for % of each colour.
If you are a stylist; select the closest colour and write the Majirel shade number into instructions box.

2 - Dark Brown

Now choose the colour for the tips/ends of the hair

6l - Light Chestnut Brown
12 - Warm Dark Blonde
  • Transform your hair in an instant! With our beautiful Balayage Extensions, you can apply it easily to get fuller and thicker hair that gives you that WOW factor. Once blended nicely, it gives you a natural look that will make you feel amazing!


    Extension Type: Weft,

    Weft, Clip In, 0.7g Micro Tips, 1g i-tips, Nail Tips, U tips, V-tips. (not available in Tape Extensions or Nano Tips)
    Hair Type: 

    Brazilian Remy Hair, European Remy Hair and Russian Remy Hair
    Hair State: Dyed/Coloured
    Hair Grade Type: Double Drawn
    Hair Grade: Premium

    Dyed to 2 Colours + highlights using the lightest colour to create the Balayage effect - the highlights will break up the two tone effect of the ombre giving your hair extensions a more natural look
    Length: 14", 18", 22" 
    Style: Straight, Bodywave/Wavy

    Colour: Various, see colour charts below
    Please contact us to discuss alternative colours.

    Life Cycle:
    1 - 2 years + For Virgin Uncoloured Hair
    1 - 1.5 years + For Dark and Medium Brown Hair
    8 - 10 months + For Light Brown Hair
    6 - 8 months + For Blonde Hair
    Our Virgin Remy hair will last many months if well cared for. The above timings are given as a guide based on tests, affects of colouring and feedback collated from our clients. You can re-apply the extensions within these given times. Please read our Hair Care page to care for your extensions in the best possible way.

    Weight: 100g / 0.1kg per pack
    Want 50g more? Please write an instruction into the box below when placing your order and we will invoice you for the remaining cost which will be 50% of the cost for 100g.

    Ordering Process: 
    To order your Balayage Ombre hair extensions, click to select one of the Ombre colour combinations or select up to 3 colours from the standard colour chart. When using the standard colour chart, please select the roots colour first followed by the tips colour, followed by the balayage highlights colour - this can be the same or different from the tips colour. You can specify the % of each colour by moving the sliders up or down. Finally, slide to select thin, medium or thick highlights. 

    Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need any advice before placing your order. 

    Delivery: Custom made, shipped 12-15 days after placed (approx 2 weeks), light Blonde's may require 2-3 days extra.

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