Russian Virgin Human Hair Extensions - Soft Plastic Nano Tip, Nano Ring Extensions

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Virgin - Uncoloured
  • Extension Type: Plastic Nano Tip / Nano Ring
    Application Type: Cold Fusion Bonds
    Hair Type: Russian Virgin Remy Hair
    Hair State: Virgin & Dyed/Coloured
    Hair Grade Type: Single Drawn
    Hair Grade: Premium
    Process: Colour, if required
    Length: Various
    Style: Various
    Colour: Various
    Weight: 50g per pack, 1g per strand, 50 strands per pack (rings included)

    Product Info:
    Made with a malleable unbreakable plastic wire, our new soft nano tip extensions are a great replacement if you find the traditional metal wire tips uncomfortable. To avoid any discomfort, any excess tip of the plastic must be cut after the ring has been applied and pressed into place.

    Life Cycle:
    1 - 2 years + For Virgin Uncoloured Hair
    1 - 1.5 years + For Dark and Medium Brown Hair
    8 - 10 months + For Light Brown Hair
    6 - 8 months + For Blonde Hair
    Our Virgin Remy hair will last many months if well cared for. The above timings are given as a guide based on tests, affects of colouring and feedback collated from our clients. You can re-apply the extensions within these given times. Please read our Hair Care page to care for your extensions in the best possible way.

    Weight: 50g per pack, 1g per strand, 50 strands per pack (rings included)

    Delivery: Custom order, dispatched in 7-10 days.

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