Help! How much hair do I need?

Often we get lots of questions about how much hair is needed. Every person is different iso It really depends on what you want! Here's a quick rundown;


  • For Volume: 1 pack of 100g

  • Full Head: 2-3 packs depending on how thick you want the hair to be

  • Full Head with Closure: 2 packs and a large closure, 4.5x5 or 5x5

Pre- Bonded Tips (1g or 0.7g) 

  • For Volume: 1-2 packs of 50g

  • Full Head: 3 to 4 packs equaling 150g-200g

  • Tips are great for finer hair types

Clip-in Extensions

  • 1 pack is enough as they clip amongst your natural hair

  • If you are looking for a full head of permanent longer hair we recommend using wefts for weaving or pre-bonded tips

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