Here at VH&B, our expertise is in getting it right for each customer. Beautiful Virgin Remy hair is what we get out of bed for!

We are here to help in any way we can and love nothing more than finding the right ‘Real Hair Extensions’ for each person.

If you have never used hair extensions or even come across them before, it can all seem very complicated, with a host of options to choose from.  At Virgin Hair & Beauty, we aim to make this really simple for you by offering the best products at the best prices, and we have been doing this for so long we can hold our hands up in the air and call ourselves ‘the experts’.   We are talking about real human hair extensions here, a totally different kettle of fish from anything artificial or synthetic.

VH&B is a UK-based independent online retailer of Virgin Hair Extensions also known as Virgin Remy Hair Extensions.

So how do we differ from other products and suppliers?  Well, we know you are looking for natural-looking, beautifully healthy hair and it couldn’t be easier to achieve this look with our tailor-made products. Our stunning human hair extensions come in two grades: Superior and Premium. 

Superior Virgin Hair Extensions -our superior range will look incredible for over one year.
Premium Virgin Hair Extensions - our premium range hair will last approx 6 months and is a quality product at a fantastic price.

We are working very hard to develop our hair ranges to suit every budget and need. We know our suppliers incredibly well and together, we want to give the best quality products at the very best prices.

If you’re wondering how we do it, the secret is this: we work with independent hair collectors as well as large hair extension manufactures from all over the world. So, at our fingertips we have everything from raw bulk hair to intricate hand and machine made pieces. 

We all have different hair types, so it’s important to understand what will work well for you.  This is where we can help and where our broad product range really comes into its own.  Have a look at some of the options below:

Indian hair extensions are preferred by people who want a natural look.  This stunning real Indian hair is thick but it isn't heavy. It feels light and airy especially after being washed. Real Indian hair is naturally straight but will go wavy after a few days of application and even more so when washed and most people just love this contrast. Wearing it in a bun overnight will enhance the waves, and a quick blow-dry with heat or running irons through the hair will revert it back to straight. If you want absolutely straight hair, your best option would be to go for Malaysian or Mongolian hair which will stay straight.

Brazilian hair extensions are hard wearing and can withstand the long term effects of heat and water. You can opt for the sleek straight look or totally tropical spiral/curly look with this extremely versatile hair type.

Malaysian, Russian/European and Mongolian hair extensions are good choices if you have fine hair. These hair types are light in density and work extremely well with most European hair types. Unlike Indian hair, Malaysian and Mongolian hair extensions do not tend to kink or wave. Russian hair extensions are a huge favourite with European women as it’s such a close match to their light to medium density hair type.

Super-thick hair - if you want a full head of extensions for volume and impact, Indian or Brazilian hair extensions are your best choices. If you want fine hair to add body to your own, choose between Malaysian, Mongolian or Russian hair extensions. 

You can choose from Remy Single Drawn or Remy Double Drawn hair (RDD and RSD). Read on for all the facts…

At VH&B we have:
Brazilian Virgin Remy Hair 
Indian Virgin Remy Hair 
European Virgin Remy Hair 
Russian Virgin Remy Hair 
Malaysian Virgin Remy Hair 
Mongolian Virgin Remy Hair 
Peruvian Virgin Remy Hair

Now that you know about hair types, you will probably be dying to start choosing what you want. Let’s break this down too:

Un-coloured Virgin Hair - Virgin by name, virgin by nature. This hair has been carefully hand selected in its natural state, has been cleaned and is un-coloured and un-processed. It therefore only comes in natural hair colours. The life cycle of the hair will depend on whether you order from our superior or premium range. You’ll probably need to get it re-installed around every 8 weeks - and is very low maintenance. This type of virgin hair is perfect for those who don’t tend to change their look much and are naturally dark haired or for those who would prefer to dye the hair to a colour they fancy.

'Coloured' Virgin Hair - For those who like a tailor-made service, this option offers real choice. Coloured Virgin Hair is simply the same Virgin Hair, but dyed to a colour you choose when you place your order. The only treatment to the hair is colouring it at highly professional standard. The hair will last between 4-6 months, sometimes longer depending on the colour - you’ll need to get your hair re-installed every 6-8 weeks - and is pretty low maintenance. This hair has been permanently coloured to hold the colour for the life of the hair so we don’t recommend that you dye the hair again. If you like to dye the hair yourself, then ‘Un-coloured Virgin Hair’ is a better option for you.  We provide a colour matching service as well as an after-care service.

You can buy in total confidence knowing we are always available to answer any questions you may have. Just fire us an email and we’ll get back to you as swiftly as we can.

Colour is one of the most important aspects of what we do.  We can offer a huge spectrum of stunning colours.  Let’s just say you might need to put a bit of time aside (cup of tea, biscuits optional) so you can truly appreciate all the options.  We stubbornly believe there is no such thing as too much choice, after-all, everyone is unique.

Our hair is photographed in natural light so you see the true likeness of what you will receive. Your computer may make the hair colour appear slightly lighter or darker than the hair you receive. However, the majority of our colours are industry standard shades and will therefore match standard hair colours. If you know the colour you want, we can get it for you. 

To get a really good handle on what we can offer, take a look at our recent blog posts.

At VH&B we think it’s important you understand what you’re paying for.  It’s your money and your luscious locks after all.  We hope this technical info will help you to choose just the right hair extensions for you, and if you have any questions, just get in touch.

Our Premium Virgin Hair Extensions are made of Single Drawn Hair. This is sometimes known as known as ‘Cuticle Hair’, ‘Virgin Hair’, ‘Remy Hair’, ‘Remy Single Drawn’ or ‘RSD’. 

What is Single Drawn Hair? It’s a bundle of hair that appears like a ponytail because some of the short lengths of re-growth hair are kept in the bundle. Some think the shorter lengths are split-ends, in fact, re-growth hair is strong new hair and plays a large part in the health and vitality of a bundle of hair.  Single Drawn hair has a number of advantages.  It is high quality and cost effective to you and the supplier alike.Also, the shorter lengths make the bundles appear tapered.  Single Drawn Hair is commonly used in high quality hairpieces, wigs and of course, our wonderful range of Premium hair extensions.

Our Superior Virgin Hair Extensions are made of Double Drawn Hair & Rare Single Drawn hair, also known as ‘Cuticle Hair’, ‘Virgin Hair’, ‘Remy Hair’, ‘Remy Double Drawn’, ‘RDD’ and ‘RSD’.

What is Double Drawn Hair? It’s a bundle of hair that is all one length. There are no shorter lengths of hair present, which creates a very smooth and polished look. The term ‘Double Drawn’ refers to a mechanical process that draws out all the shorter lengths from a bundle and then draws again to realign the top of the bundle. This high quality hair of one length creates a seamless, silky curtain of hair which is perfectly aligned, providing the illusion of naturally thick, beautiful hair.  Double Drawn Hair is commonly used for high priced custom-made wigs, hairpieces, our fantastic Superior hair extensions and is particularly useful to hair-loss sufferers. Rare Single Drawn hair is new to the market virgin hair, from remote areas of the world where healthy young women are earning money by undertaking the most natural diets to grow beautiful long hair for the local hair collectors. The choice of length and colours will be less available than some of our other hair types.  


This varies depending on what you want to achieve.
For example:
2-3 packs (200g-300g) are enough for full head extensions.
1 pack (100g) can be used to add volume and body to your natural hair using tracks, bonding or clips.

So how much will your hair extensions cost? Not only do we know we have the best products on the market, we know we have the best prices.  We have spent many hours doing our homework, scouring the suppliers, hunting down the most beautiful hair money can buy.  We test everything we buy ourselves so we know our products perform as well as they should.

HAIR CARE...Making the most of your Real Hair Extensions. Now that you’ve invested in these wonderful human hair extensions, there are certain rules to follow that should become part of your daily hair care routine.  There is nothing complicated here either, so no need to panic. If you brush your hair daily, moisturise regularly and follow the hair care instructions, our hair will not knot.  When wet, it will gather and sometimes wave just as human hair should.

Add natural oils such as unrefined Almond oil, Coconut Oil or Argan Oil - these are fantastic for super shiny locks.
For advice on how to care for your Virgin Remy Hair, please read our Hair Care Page.

DELIVERY of your Real Hair Extensions
We offer a bespoke service you will not have to wait an age for your virgin hair. 
Dispatch of your extensions will only take around 7-10 days. In this time your chosen hair will be custom made to your exact specifications.   
Don’t forget that stock items can be dispatched in 1 business day. Just check the delivery section of the product page when you place your order.
As soon as we receive your payment, we get your fantastic set of extensions made.  We will send you an email when your order is on its way to you.

We do not automatically send tracking information for UK deliveries within the M25 as these deliveries only take 1-2 days. We do store these however and you can request your tracking number at any time. 

For Royal Mail International, Europe and Airsure deliveries, you will receive your tracking number 24 hours after you receive the shipment notification. When the status changes to '...has reached its destination...' you can then use the same tracking number to check your local postal website track and trace, eg. USPS, Deutsche Post etc. Please contact us at anytime if you have any questions regarding your postage.
Express international shipping will take 2-4 working days depending on your location, a tracking number will be sent to you within 24 hours of you receiving the shipment notification. 

Paying with PAYPAL:
 Please note you DO NOT need a pay-pal account to make your payment through pay-pal, you can pay using your visa debit or credit card, just follow the screen to pay-pal and select the option to pay by card.

Other Payment Options
Discuss Payment Options By Email
By selecting this, we will contact you to discuss your payment options, if the shipping amount is incorrect, we will update/discount any shipping and send you the updated cost via invoice. We accept payments from major credit cards through the Pay-Pal gateway however, some large orders may need to be discussed prior to payment. If you select this option, we will contact you shortly after your pending order comes through. Please contact us if you have any questions prior to making your payment. 

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On occasion, we may use images of celebrities on our site as a guide to hair styles and textures, the celebrities are in no way linked with Virgin Hair & Beauty products and they are not wearing our hair. These images are for your reference when choosing colours and styles.

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