Is Russian Hair The Best Hair?

Yes! But only if its the best match to your natural hair!

We are regularly asked if Russian hair is the best. 

At Virgin Hair And Beauty, no-one hair type is better than the other - they all serve a different purpose. Russian hair is a very fine hair type, its available in all colours from virgin dark brown to lightest blonde (when coloured to lighter shades). Virgin Blonde Russian hair is like gold dust, we specialise in the colouring of human hair extensions so that we can cater to all hair types and shades. 

Russian hair extensions will suite fine and very straight hair types and will be a perfect match for people with Eastern European and European hair. Russian hair will give you a very natural and seamless look as the fine hairs blend beautifully with your own. 

European hair extensions will suite straight and slightly wavy hair types. European hair is more dense than Russian Hair and its best to choose European hair extensions if you would like to add volume as well as length to your natural hair. Its natural slight wave means that you can wash and go without the need to style your hair. 

For those of us who crave lots of volume, we have Brazilian & Indian hair extensions. Brazilian Hair Extensions and Indian Hair Extensions are best suited to medium and thick density hair types such as European, Southern European, Irish, Mediterranean and of course, Afro hair. Brazilian and Indian hair are best for loose waves, deep waves, spiral curls and curly hair extensions. There is only one thing to be aware of when it comes to Curly hair - it does not like being coloured to light colours! The natural structure of the curls makes it difficult to colour, requiring a more intensive colour process and therefore weakening the hair.

If you want curly human hair extensions, stick to the dark colours V to 6D. 


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