Ponytail Extension

2018-2019's hot hair trend - Ponytail Extension

Thanks to queen hair trend setters such as Beyonce, Kim Kardasian &
Ariana Grande
, Ponytails are perfect for anyone who wants a quick fix of glam. Use an instant clip in Ponytail to make you look stage, runway or party ready!

They are the perfect hair extensions to temporarily change your look for that Christmas Party! 

This new Ponytail trend has to be worn up high, not low and loose but straight and sometimes tight or wavy and sometimes messy.

Here are some examples of how to the celebrities wear their ponytail well; 


Invest in your remy human hair pony tail today and you will never have a bad hair day.

Having one will allow you to give your hair a few days break in between your hair extension fittings too. Its the must-have hair accessory. 

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