Collection: Lace Frontals

Whether you are experiencing the first signs of hair loss, or just want a thicker, more versatile hairline to open the door to new styles, our fine, high quality lace frontals offer everything you need. Usually part of the full hair extensions customers choose, these special hair pieces are the crowning glory and perfect for giving you a natural, beautiful finish.

The base is sheer lace, usually either top quality Swiss or French made lace, and the piece itself is made from the finest quality Brazilian or Indian human hair, made to match perfectly with the other hair extensions we offer. The hair is hand tied and incorporates baby hairs along the hairline, giving it a totally natural look indiscernible from your own hair.

Choose this over a 5x5 closure if you want to be able to part your hair in a variety of ways and if you want to retain the versatility to change your hairstyle frequently. We select our virgin hair extensions wholesale from the very best donors in Brazil and India, so you can be assured of the finest quality product and the very best finish overall.