Salon Accounts & Trade Discounts

Order As a Salon, Professional or Stylist

There is a 15%- 20% trade discount code available for hair extension professionals, salons and trade buyers depending on the quantities you purchase. Please read the information below and simply fill in the form below to be set up with your discount code. There is no minimum order for a 10% discount, however, a minimum order of at least one order / month is required to save 15% - 20%.

Your basic discount code will give you 15% off each order, all you have to do is place a minimum of 1 order a month.

  • There are no limits as to how many times you can use this code, it can be used on single or multiple orders.
  • It can only be used for orders placed through your account and sent to your registered billing address, therefore, it cannot be shared.
  • It cannot be used alongside any other discount codes, but it does qualify for any promotions with free gifts.

Note: For 20% + off, please contact us with your wholesale order details (minimum 1kg).