Best Virgin Remy Human Hair Extensions - All You Need To Know

  1. What is virgin hair?

Virgin hair is hair that has not been altered from its natural state, coloured or chemically processed.The "virgin hair" is collected by tying the hair before cutting it to maintain the direction of the cuticle. After the hair has been cut and collected it can be made into various extension types such as sewn onto a weft, clip on wefts, pre-bonded tips, made into wigs or left in bulk form (also known as no ends).

  • Which hair type should I choose?

    Brazilian Virgin Hair is medium to thick coarse hair and it is perfect if you would like to add volume to your own naturally thick hair. With its Arabic, Mediterranean and African ancestry, you can expect volume and a strong, durable hair type which is great for dying and colouring.


    European hair extensions are the perfect option if you have naturally fine hair. It is the closest match to European hair types and is of medium density which will add volume to your naturally fine hair, giving you the thickness you have always wanted.


    Indian hair extensions are an incredibly thick, amazingly versatile hair type, which is further benefitted by being one of the most affordable hair extensions available today. Indian virgin hair started the virgin hair craze and has been loved and used by women of all heritage and nationalities.


    Malaysian virgin hair is a must try when it comes to human hair. Malaysian hair is naturally straight, fine to medium density and very strong. It's a great option for any fine or European hair type. Malaysian hair texture can be best described as silky and finer than Brazilian hair and stronger than European hair but it mostly resembles European hair, therefore making it a better option to choose.. If you want lightweight, full bodied yet fine hair, then Malaysian virgin remy hair is the perfect option.


    Virgin Russian and Eurasian Remy hair is in our Superior range and are the most sought after real human hair available. They need very little colouring to reach the desired colours. Virgin Russian and Virgin Eurasian hair are usually colours 3-6 (undyed) and in its most natural state. They can be successfully dyed up to a colour #60. As this colour is the lightest hair available it is one of the most expensive therefore an online consultation is available should you require. In our opinion, these are the best hair extensions available in the UK. 


    The Balayage Ombre hair trend has been huge and is on track to maintain its popularity throughout the coming year. If you don’t fancy bleaching the ends of your own hair and potentially causing irreparable damage, the Ombre hair extensions we have on offer could be just what you need.

    You can choose from a variety of colours, generally 2 colours are perfect to create the perfect ombré blend, for longer lengths, up to 3 colours are also possible. Look out for our Sun-Kissed hair extensions range which are based on lighter blonde tips and highlights.

  • What types of hair care products should be used?
  • Your Virgin hair extensions should be treated like your own natural hair using high-quality shampoos and conditioners and avoiding sulphate and alcohol-based styling products. Please see our hair care page (link) section for some of our tried and tested hair care products.

  • What styling tools can I use on hair extensions?
  • You can use any styling tools you choose. Try to use conditioning ionic ceramic heat styling tools whenever possible. Always do a test curl first, and use the lowest temperature level that is effective. Overuse of curling irons, flat irons and blow dryers a will shorten the life of human hair extensions.

  • How many packs do I need?
  • Purchase 1 pack for added volume and style, or 2 – 3 for a complete head of extensions.

  • How Long Does Application of Human Hair Extensions Take?
  • Depending on the number of strands that need to be applied.  The average head takes about 3 hours. Clip-in hair extensions however, can be installed in 1-2 hours.

  • How long will my hair extensions last?
  • Our Premium hair extensions can last up to one year if it is cared for properly. Our Superior hair extensions will last up to 2 years+ .

  • How often can I wash my hair extensions?
  • We would advise you not to over-wash your hair, if you use natural non chemical products for styling such as natural oils the need to wash the extensions more than once a week will lessen. If your hair is bonded or wefted, over washing will loosen the extensions.

  • Can I colour my extensions?
  • You should only dye Virgin Uncoloured hair if you want maximum life from your hair extensions. Pre-coloured hair will damage further if re-dyed after purchase, please do remember that your hair extensions are not connected to your scalp in anyway and not receiving the nutrients in the same way your natural hair does.

  • Can they be straightened or curled?
  • Yes, however, as with your natural hair, always use good quality ceramic irons and heat protection products on your extensions to keep them healthy and protected.

  •  Can I use products in my hair extensions?
  • Yes, however, we advocate the use of organic and natural hair products as many of today’s hair products can be quite harming to natural hair.

  •   What is the shortest my hair can be in order to Get Hair Extensions?
  • You need to have at least 3-4 inches of hair for the bonds to be invisible and for the extensions to blend naturally with your own hair.


  • What is a clip in hair extensions?
  • Clip in hair extensions will instantly transform your natural hair into full, long and gorgeous locks. They are a super quick fix to thin dull, lifeless hair and are completely undistinguishable and you will receive so many compliments on your hair. Best of all you can clip them in and out whenever and wherever you are within minutes to create luxurious, thick, shiny hair. Clip-in hair extensions are the number one hair accessory to own.

  •  How long does my hair need to be to wear Clip in Extensions?
  • The shortest you hair should be for best results would be 4–6 inches long. Hair any shorter than this will not be able to hide the clips.

  • How long do they take to put into my hair?
  • They should take roughly 5-10minutes to put in.

  • How long will the hair last?
  • Depending on use, they could last 1-2 years. We recommend that you regularly use natural oils to moisturize the extensions.

  • Will clip in extensions ruin my hair?
  • Clip in hair extensions are ideally for periodic use, the great thing about them is that you can take them out and put them in as you please, so its a good idea to give your hair a rest from time to time. Prolonged use of the extensions could weaken your natural hair. However, there are many great organic hair products available to use on your natural hair to combat the strains of hair extensions.


  • What are Fusion Hair Extensions?
    1. Fusion hair extensions are also known as pre-bonded hair extensions. Pre-bonded tips are a form of semi-permanent extensions that are fused to your hair using heat for a natural and long lasting effect. Fusion bonds must be applied and removed by an experienced technician.

  • How Are Fusion Extensions applied?
  • The individual keratin tip extensions are applied strand by strand, by hand. Each fusion has a connection tip at the top of the hair strand (Nail Tip, U tip, I Tip, Flat Tip, V Tip). The keratin bond gently connects the human hair extensions to your own hair close to the root.  This process is repeated strand by strand until you achieve your desired look.

  • How are fusion hair extensions removed?
  • Your hair extensionist can use a removal gun, acetone based removal solution or a citrus based removal solution to soften the keratin bonds on the human hair extensions and take out the individual hair strands.


  • What is a ‘weft’?
  • A hair weft is usually 100g of virgin hair aligned and sewn at the top to make weave-in hair extensions. Our wefts are approximately 42” wide and come in all hair lengths depending on your choice. Wefts are commonly known for weaves and are also used for clip-in hair extensions where the clips are securely sewn to the wefts. A weft describes the top area of the extensions where the hair is firmly sewn into place.

  • What is the difference between a machine weft and a hand tied weft?
  • Hand Tied: These are usually pre-cut to approximately 10 inch wide pieces and have been sewn by hand to acheive the thinnest wefts possible for the most invisible look. The hand tied pieces should not be cut or they may unravel.
    Machine weft: Machine made wefts are the most common weft types due to its affordability. The hair has been sewn as one continuous weft that can be cut. The weft is slightly thicker than hand tied wefts and once cut, your extensionist must seal the ends before or during installation.


  • What are Micro ring and Micro loop hair extensions?
  • Our Micro rings or micro loops are small rings made made with a silicon inner and the loops are made of plastic. Because the rings are very small, no one will notice your extensions unless you tell them. The most important property of micro rings - the main reason why most people prefer using them, is the absence of glue, sewing, or braids in the process. This is the safest method of hair extensions, your hair will not be damaged even after the micro rings or micro loops are removed.

  • How to apply and remove the Micro Ring Loop Hair Extensions?
  • Applying micro loop hair extensions is very easy and they are just as easy to remove. Your hair technician will simply attach each strand by by pulling a small amount of your own hair and the hair extenion through a looping tool which is then clamped down to secure the extension using Micro Link Pliers.

  • Will this method damage my hair?
  • This method has very minimal damage to the hair unlike other hair extension methods, (except for clip in hair extension). This is a safe way of adding semi permanent hair extensions if you don't want to risk damaging your hair.

  • Will I see or feel the micro links in my head?
  • The rings are very small and colour coded which makes them undetectable. The extensions are also very lightweight and comfortable to wear.

  • How long will they last?
  • With proper care, it will last for several months.

  • How many micro loop hair extension packs do I need?
  • Our micro ring Indian, Brazilian, Malaysian or European hair extensions are sold in packs of 50g and are made to 0.7g per strand. order 50x2 to add volume to your own hair or 50x4 for a full head of extensions. You will receive a full set of free matching micro rings with your order.


  • What  is a Silk Top Closure?
  • Closures are one of the most revolutionary techniques in Hair weave history. They help you achieve a more natural full head weave. Closures are most commonly attached onto a cornrow base by securing around the perimeter.  A Silk Top Closure Piece is essential for a truly undetectable weave. It is designed with a durable silk fabric base to enhance the finished look of your weave.
    As standard, our closures are made to a medium density (120%)  for a very natural look.

  • How is Closure/Frontals installed?
  • Closures are generally sewn down and frontals are generally glued down. It’s sewn around the perimeter and you have the option of sewing and/or glue-in the frontal hairline.

  • How do I install and maintain my Silk Top Closure piece?
  • You have the option of gluing or sewing down your closure piece. Note that we strongly advice that you get your closure installed by a Specialist. These are hand knotted to offer a more natural look so require extra care. Do not put much tension on the closure and do not stretch too hard to avoid damage. Wash very gently. For a deep scalp cleanse, we recommend removing the closure before wash and reinstall afterwards.


  • What are Closures?
  • Closures are one of the most revolutionary techniques in Hair weave history. They help you achieve a more natural full head weave. Closures are most commonly attached onto a cornrow base by securing around the perimeter.  Silk Top Closure Piece is an essential for a truly undetectable weave. It is designed with a durable lace base to enhance the finished look of your weave. It has a medium density for most natural look and it is free styling so can be parted in different directions.

  • What is Swiss Lace Closures?
  • These closures are made with a high quality Swiss Lace base with a breathable mesh. This allows your customers scalp to breathe. The silk based closure has the realism of a natural scalp, these closures are stronger and last longer than swiss lace because the hair is injected in the polyutherine. But they are considerably more than the Swiss Lace Closures.

  • How to Install a Swiss Lace Closure?
  • The most important aspect of installing weaves and wigs is to ensure that our overall appearance is as natural as possible. You leave the area where the closure is to be applied, and then attach it to the braided base and combed to desired style.

  • What is baby hair and why is it important on a Closure?
  • Baby hair on a hair closure piece is important because it gives the appearance of a natural hairline right at the scalp. This is usually requested by all customers.

  • How do I make my closure look more natural?
  • To achieve a more natural scalp that will complement your skin color, we recommend using a very thin stretchable fabric (wig cap for instance) lighter but closer to your skin tone. This will actually give you a more natural looking scalp and will blend easier to your skin tone.

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