Platinum Blonde Remy Human Hair Extensions.

With almost 10 years in the business, it’s taken us this long to perfect the PERFECT platinum blonde hair extensions. 

Our clients who love and want blonde hair have always pushed us to go as white as we possibly can with our colour 60. Not yellowy white, not grey white, just white! 

Any hair colourist or stylist reading this will know how hard it is to achieve the perfect platinum blonde hair colour. However, here at Virgin Hair And Beauty we love nothing more than a challenge. 

12 professional colourists later and by applying a mixture of their different techniques we have finally acheived white blonde hair that is almost translucent in appearance and has been so gently coloured that the human hair stays healthy and strong. 

As buyers, your direct feedback to us never goes unheard, we do use your feedback to improve our products and services, we do also need your positive feedback when you are happy with our remy human hair extensions. As we all know, social recommendation goes hand in hand with online purchases. If you value an honest and fair human hair Extensions company and if you would like to see improvements and developments in our human hair Extensions please contact us first so that we can exchange your order for you if it falls within our terms and conditions. 

See how far we have come; 

 for every client who said they wanted more white from their colour 60 hair colour, this one is for you!