Different Types of Extensions

We offer a wide range of high quality real human virgin remy hair extensions in many different application types, from Nano Tip, Wefts, Clipin, Micro Loops, Micro Ring Weft and many more. Learn about and see the different extension types here.

Extension Type

0.7g Micro Ring Extensions


Smaller (micro) tips at 0.7g, each strand is inserted into a micro ring along with a strand of your natural hair and pressed down, therefore fusing your hair and the extensions together without the use of heat.
These are very discreet hair extensions, we recommend using 0.7g per strand and using 4mm micro rings to keep them discreet and virtually undetectable in your hair. Micro rings were created to be smaller than individual 1g strands.
Nano Ring Hair Extensions

These strands are still 1g per strand however, each strand has a fine and malleable wire inserted into the top. This allows for extremely small (nano) rings to be used to hold your hair in place with the strands.
Nano Wire / Nano Ring / Nano Tip extensions became a requirement when many users found the micro rings too big and too visible. The Nano rings meant that smaller rings could be used however, in order for the wires to be strong, the strands ideally have to be made at 1g per strand. With Nano Ring Extensions, you achieve a smaller less visible ring but the thickness of a full strand of hair. This extension type has proved very popular with hair extension wearers and will continue to be one of the most preferred extension types.
Tape Hair Extensions

We sell these in packs of 40 (20 double pieces) Tape extensions are simply peeled and tapped into sections of your hair. Think of a sandwich, the two fine layers of the tape extensions are the 2 pieces of bread and a section of your hair is the filling and voila! you have hair extensions applied within the hour!
Tapes also boast the benefits of being discreet as well as quick and easy to apply. Like all other hair extensions they can cause some damage to your hair if used for a prolonged period however, we highly recommend the use of *c22 Citrus Solvent* for the safe and easy removal of your tape extensions and any other type of bonded hair extensions.

1g Pre Bonded I-Tips, Nail Tips,
U-tips & V-tips

Each individual tip is coated in a string keratin bond, this will be heated with a heat applicator tool and hand rolled into sectioned strands of your hair.
This method is one of the oldest, the bonds are clear and virtually invisible in your hair. These bonds will last up to 12 weeks with one maintenance appointment at 6 weeks. All of the different tip shapes (eg. V, Nail, i etc) do the same job. 

Weave On, Weft Hair

A weft is one of the oldest extension types. Wefts are sewn with thread onto plaited cornrows of your hair to create a layered voluminous head of extensions. Use 100g to add volume to your own hair or 200g-300g for a full head.  Weaves are the safest hair extension methods, developed initially for Afro hair, its now very much used by European women who also want to enjoy hair extensions whilst preserving their own hair. Weaves are secure, safe and easy to install and remove. 
Clip In Hair Extensions
Clip in hair extensions are simply the best DIY hair extensions, there are approx 8-10 clip in pieces of varying sizes for different sections of your hair. Watch a You-tube vid or two, clip and go! The main benefit of of clip in extensions is "instant glam" you can go from short hair to long luscious hair in minutes. We recommend taking them out every evening before you go to bed. 


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