Does Curlsmith Work? Yes! The Curl Conditioning Oil in Cream Does! Curlsmith review;

Anyone with curly hair will know just how difficult it is to manage the frizz that comes with beautiful curls, we love our curls yes, but we don't always love the process of looking after them. Mixed hair, Afro hair and European Curly hair can all be challenging so we are very grateful for the innovation of great new curly hair care products on the market.

Is your hair European curly? don't worry, the conditioner or intense serum (third product below) will work wonders for you if you feel the cream may weigh your hair down. 

2018 has seen an introduction of wonderful curl defining and curl loving products to the market. Out of all the hair care product videos we have been bombarded with on Instagram over the summer, one stood out for us - Curlsmith Curl Conditioning Oil in Cream. 

So, our director's daughter is has an abundance of curls, small curls, big curls, tight curls, thick curls, hidden curls, you name it, she's got it and hair wash day has officially been named the worst day of the week in the family, the screams can be heard from down the road they exclaim. 

She will admit that when her daughter was a baby, she would use almond oil on her scalp, she had read online that almond oil was good for thick hair growth and so it was! it also protected from cradle cap so it had both benefits.

Fast forward 9 years and her daughters hair is a spectacle of beautiful thick hair which attracts compliments whenever its down - and its not down often! This needed to change, every young girl and every woman should be able to wear their curls down as well as up and this is where Curlsmith comes in. 

A small fortune had been spent on hair products over the years, on products which have claimed to be the best solution for curls. The majority of them had one thing in common - they left her hair dry and brittle.
If there's one thing we truly know here at Virgin Hair And Beauty its that Curly hair needs moisture, curls look better when they have that "wet look" and sheen thats why the first ever curl trend back in the 80's was called The Wet Look!  Moisturised curls look more defined, so why is that magic ingredient usually missing from some hair care products which claim to be for curls? 

So, Yes, Curlsmith works! its got this fantastic "cream" formulation, its like putting your fingers into a pot of double cream, once applied to her hair it requires a little rubbing in but it takes effect straight away, you can see the curls looking immediately hydrated and therefore rounder and more refined.

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